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Breastfeeding/Nursing Aversion and Agitation is a phenomenon whereby breastfeeding triggers negative emotions like anger or irritation, skin-crawling sensations and particular intrusive thought like feeling trapped or an urge to de-latch (Yate, Z., 2020)


*Yate, Z :"When Breastfeeding Sucks: What you need to know about Nursing Aversion & Agitation", Pinter & Martin, London)

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What mothers say


I thought I was going crazy until I found this resource site and joined the support group. I've managed to get my aversion under control now that I've figured out why I get it

Emily & Polly

My sister and I actually both experienced aversion but because we felt awful we never spoke to each other about it.....until she shared the podcast with me and I said 'Hey, I get that too!'


In my Japanese culture it is common to breastfeed and share a bed, so this is what we do. I wanted to carry on doing this but struggled with negative emotions and couldn't talk to anyone.  Finding this community saved my breastfeeding journey!

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Book Release 

The first-ever book on the phenomenon of Aversion is due for publication in September 2020



Less is more, and as busy mums on the go, these short podcasts explore everything from society to biology to psychology.



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This resource site,the online structured support course and peer to peer support group are all free.This site and linked social media pages are not registered as a business and I make no profit from this work, however, there are still yearly costs incurred which I pay (website & hosting, domain name,e-mail campaign charges).If you wish to donate to the cause and campaign please shout me a coffee on Ko-Fi by clicking the button below.  

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