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Structured Support Course   

Do you experience negative feelings like anger, irritation, and intrusive thoughts when breastfeeding? Do you need help to understand these difficulties and other general challenges when breastfeeding and need support on how to continue breastfeeding or wean?

Join this course;

  • Free Online Course - four parts

  • Resource videos sent to you with tips to try

  • Evidenced-based Information on presentations

  • Access to a closed Facebook support group for this course

"When aversion hits, you need to figure out your triggers, what's missing and what to change, and that you can't do alone. You need help and support to manage aversion....or decisions to wean".
What can I expect from the course?
Science: The information shared is evidenced based
Participation:  The course facilitates connection and communication
Time: We are all too busy, so short videos and reading material is provided

Length: It's 1 week long, with access to continued online support

This course is entirely online, and accessible to anyone with a 
phone or computer device.  It is participatory, with a closed Facebook support group - as a mother who is experiencing aversion you are the only person who can identify your own triggers and what needs to change, with the help of other mothers experiencing something similar.
The presentations are pre-recorded, and along with all short videos will be emailed to you.  The commitment level is up to you. Sign up here:
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