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This is a public and institutional call for action for the following;


1. Recognition of BAA, from UNICEF to IBCLC's all I have been met with is blank faces and closed doors.  BAA effects breastfeeding mothers, maternal health and infant feeding, it effects weaning and potentially therefore exclusive breastfeeding.


2. The inclusion of older breastfed toddlers and children, and the mothers who breastfeed them into breastfeeding policy, perhaps then issues of BAA will become more prevalent and spoken about.  Breastfeeding is a matter of public health and the focus on initiation and exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months is out of date, missing all the benefits of breastfeeding older infants, and the unmet need group of the mothers who do.  (See here for 'unmet need'.)


3. Research into BAA - including a case study by a health care professional, doctor or lactation consultant, a qualitative indepth study looking at mothers lived experiences, and a quantitative study determining the prevalence or incidence (number of people in a population that experience the phenomena), and demographics of BAA.


4.Awareness raising - so that it is not a taboo subject, so that one can actually admit openly that one doesn't life breastfeeding, or that it is difficult, or that one feels anger and then shame.


5.To hold groups in the community where mothers feel safe to talk about BAA and get access to help and advice about strategies to help and minimise BAA while she experiences it.








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