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Please note I am not selling these tops with profit. They are for a social media campaign I've started with the hashtag #aversionsucks.


To order just send me your preference of SIZE and COLOUR so I can check if I have it before you pay: https://www.paypal.me/ZainabYate

Send to: breastfeedingaversion@gmail.com or tweet me @bf_aversion.

You can't checkout on this site, as I can't afford to pay for the 'take payment' function yet.  The tees are below as a 'product' so you can see details about it.


Please send me a selfie or brelfie so I can upload here and on Instagram so I can raise awareness, so many mothers don't even now it's possible to experience feelings of aversion.


Send to: breastfeedingaversion@gmail.com, or tweet me @bf_aversion,

or contact me on the contact form on this site


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