Non-Profit Merch 

Please note I am not selling these tops with profit. They are for a social media campaign I've started with the hashtag #aversionsucks.


To order just send me your preference of SIZE and COLOUR so I can check if I have it before you pay:

Send to: or tweet me @bf_aversion.

You can't checkout on this site, as I can't afford to pay for the 'take payment' function yet.  The tees are below as a 'product' so you can see details about it.


Please send me a selfie or brelfie so I can upload here and on Instagram so I can raise awareness, so many mothers don't even now it's possible to experience feelings of aversion.


Send to:, or tweet me @bf_aversion,

or contact me on the contact form on this site


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Aversion Sucks

This resource site, the online structured support course and peer to peer support group are all free.  This site and the linked social media pages are not registered as a business and I make no profit from this work, however, there are still yearly costs incurred which I pay (website & hosting, domain name and e-mail campaign charges).  If you wish to donate to the cause and campaign work please shout me a coffee on Ko-Fi by clicking the button below and I can send you a tote or a tee by way of thanks.